Dogs of past:

All of the dogs ever to spend time in the Trailbound Siberians kennel leave their mark.  Some have simply moved to another home, others have passed on.  Either way, we miss them all.


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Erie passed away in April 2009.  What we thought was a shoulder injury turned out to be bone cancer.  He was an awesome dog.  Great personality - he had incredible patience with puppies and was a wonderful teacher.



Brie update:  She has finished her yearling year in the Lokiboden kennel.   She ran on the 6 and 8 dog teams.  She is showing promise to make Leigh's main 8 dog team in the future.  Picture taken November 2008



Munster update:  he has finished his yearling year in the Lokiboden kennel.   He ran on the 6 and 4 dog teams.  Picture taken November 2008




Mesmer has moved to New York to lead on a mid-distance team.  We look forward to following his races.  June 2008


Muenster and Brie

Muenster & Brie are super pups that are now part of Lokiboden Racing Siberian Huskies, Leigh & Susan Gilchrist.  Ontario, Canada

We look forward to seeing them grow.  November 2007



Clipper is now living it up even further north at Two Moons Kennel.  He is enjoying the smaller team sports like scootering & skijoring.  October 2007




Sparkle was one of those dogs who everyone loved.   She lived to run, unfortunately she was taken at a young age.




Cora was one of our first dogs...  before sled dogs!!  She was a rescue who was not with us long due to many, many medical issues.  She was quite a sweet heart & is still missed!!